I started writing this morning at 6 o’clock. My intention was to work on my contemporary work called Sweet Sixteen. An agent said he pitched it at the International Christian Retail Show and got some interest. But that was not what was on my mind today.

So instead, I wrote 26 pages on a regency novel I’m working on. I pitched this to a well-known publisher in the Christian market — well kinda. He read a sample of my work(a contemporary piece), wasn’t interested in that story, but looked at all my story ideas. (I have too many) And the ones he wanted to see most were the Regencies.

Originally, I had dubbed my tag line to be, “Writing Contemporary Fiction with Old-Fashioned Values” but if you notice on my website, www.anitareaves.com , I’ve dropped the “Contemporary” part. At least until I sell something. Then that will determine whether I write contemporary or historical. I’d prefer to write both, but people in the industry advise on sticking to one genre to create a “brand” of yourself. All of my fiction is romance, so I consider that my genre.

Writing the Regency was a lot of fun today.  But it’s intimidating– all the research I need to do. I think I’m pushing to finish the story by the end of the month, so I can get it to a professional editor before sending it to that publisher.

Pray for me.