If you read my earlier post, “Writing Advice”, you would have seen my question about where to find time to write.

Time is an important commodity–one that runs out one day for all of us. How we spend our alloted time is up to us.

I decided this week I would not spend my time working so many hours, so I swallowed my pride and accepted a position with my old employer.

When I took my current job I was naive enough to believe I would be able to leave the office at 4:00pm. It took three months to figure out that would only happen occasionally. I worked many 12 hour days and came home too exhausted to even consider writing.

The lesson here is don’t burn any bridges. I didn’t at my old employer, and they seem to be welcoming me back with open arms. Even so much as to send me an email with the subject line “Welcome Home”.  That felt good.

This Thanksgiving I’m thankful to have a job and one where people feel confident in my abilities(even though I don’t at times).

I’m thankful to have a God who cares enough to answer a poor girl’s prayer to “get me out of here quick” and then to send a phone call from a former co-worker who led me straight to the answered prayer within a week’s time.

God is Good and Merciful. Be thankful.