I’m happy to announce that my book, Finding Riches, is now available and can be purchased at:


Half of all profits goes to the Pregnancy Support Center Of Person County.

If you purchase the book between now and December 20th, you can enter to win an electric throw blanket. Just forward the email you receive after the purchase to my email address and you’ll be registered.

I debated the whole self-publishing issue. If my book wasn’t good enough for a traditional publisher, then why would I think anyone  would want to read it.  After praying about it, I decided that there would have to be some purpose, some good thing that the book would have to do in order to make self-publishing a viable option.

At some point it occurred to me that I could donate half of the profits received to the Pregnancy Support Center of Person County. That would make it worthwhile.

I’m truly thankful to the director of the center for allowing me the opportunity to help out in that organization.