Here’s an exerpt from Oxygen by John B. Olson and Randy Ingermanson:

Bob studied her, his haunted eyes suddenly very intense. “Has God ever spoken to you?”

“Well…yes. Lots of times.”

“Out loud so you could hear?”

“What do you want, a megaphone?”

“I’d settle for an honest answer.”

“Okay. It’s…kind of a gentle leading.”

Bob hung his head. He looked almost…disappointed. “Of course it is. So gentle you have a hard time knowing if it’s Him or your own imagination. So answer this. Why doesn’t God speak out loud–in a voice I can understand–if He wants so much to have a relationship with me?”

“He wants us to have–”

“Hold on.” Bob held up his hands, palms outward. “Don’t answer now. Just think about it.You’re a scientist. Think like a scientist.”


My Sunday School class (Heather and Frankie had their baby boy last week–Yay!) keeps coming to the same question–Why doesn’t God speak out loud–in a voice we can understand?

We have issues we have prayed about for years. For me, it’s a book contract. We just want concrete answers to our prayers.

Sunday before last, we were pleasantly surprised to have a friend from California visit our class. She has an interesting story about how God spoke to her.

Over ten years ago, she wanted to move to LA for a career in Hollywood. She had her doubts, and I know her parents did too.

LA, like any big city, was riddled with crime and for a young woman just out of college it could be a dangerous place.

One night she made the decision to not go.

On her lunch hour the next day she was robbed at gun point.

She was afraid to go to LA because of the crime and she experienced what she feared at home.

She moved to LA. Do you blame her?

Did God speak? Was He telling her to move?

I know she had prayed about it.

Over ten years have passed. She is married and has one little boy and another on the way. She lives in a suburb of a suburb of LA. Her husband worked on a very famous long running sitcom, now in syndication.(Christy if you read this and want me to list the sitcom, I will).

I remember Dr. David Jeremiah telling a similar story about his concerns of earthquakes in California when he was praying about starting a ministry in that state. What helped him make the decision to move to California? An earthquake in his own state of Indiana. Today he has a thriving ministry in San Diego.

So the question is…. how does God speak?

He speaks to us in many ways. Some ways more clear than others.

Matthew 27:54
When the centurion and those with him who were guarding Jesus saw the earthquake and all that had happened, they were terrified, and exclaimed, “Surely he was the Son of God!”

**Note: If you like Science Fiction, read Oxygen mentioned above about 4 scientists on their way to Mars who experience a tragedy that leaves them without enough oxygen to get them all to the red planet alive. (Very well written and researched–great story)