You can call me the procrastinator, because that is what I am doing.

I have set a goal of 25 pages today as I did last week. Do you know how many pages I wrote last week?

Three. Three whole pages. A long way from my goal.

And today I’ve loaded music to my Palm T/X, read email, critiqued a chapter for one of my critique partners(at least that was writing related) and surfed the internet, but I haven’t written one word to my manuscript, Absalom’s Beauty.

For one thing I’m stuck in the plot. I know what I need to have happen, but I’m not sure where it will lead. And most of all, I’m afraid I’ll not have enough words to write to make the 25 pages. Why do I allow that to stop me?

This whole writing business is distressing at times. I will attend a conference in May. I’ll decide then if I should continue on this journey, because quite frankly, this writing business has become expensive. The problem I will have is that I’ll continue to have story ideas and must write them down.

My prayer to God then is that if this is not His will for my life, he’ll stop the flow of ideas.