I haven’t written in awhile because of travel with my “day job”.

When I returned home from work last Monday I discovered a book in my mailbox sent directly from the publisher. I needed to pack for a trip so I couldn’t read it right way, but I did pack it.

I don’t read well in the airport because I’m a people watcher, so I had little hope that I would get much read.

When the plane took off, I brought out the book and began to read. I thought it coincidental that the book opened in an airport and later the airline I was on was mentioned.

But besides all the coincidences, I loved the book–Controlling Interest by Elizabeth White.

Matt Hogan, PI, finds himself with a new partner(a cute one, named Natalie Tubberville).

Their first assignment is to find a missing heiress before her wedding.

I think of it as a cross between Without a Trace and I Love Lucy. The characters are delightful and I love the way they interact. The two detectives are both fairly new Christians and struggle with their new found faith and the temptations they face.

This is the first novel I have read by this author and I certainly look forward to more from her. I hope this detective agency is a constant in future books.