Check out the trailers of books coming out from B&H Publishing:

I pitched my story, Absalom’s Beauty, to David Webb in May at the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference. He read about eight pages of the novel and requested I send a proposal to have some others at B&H look at it.

I am flattered that my writing caught his attention enough to request the proposal. Nothing may come of it, in fact, he may have gotten the proposal and wondered what was he thinking in requesting it. But just the same, that he saw something in my writing gives me more hope.

I heard Karen Ball speak at the 2005 ACFW conference in Nashville. Her keynote speeches resonated with me, and I identify with her goldfish moments. I feel a certain kinship because of it. She is a great writer in her own right. I have read her novel, The Breaking Point, and even bought copies to give to friends who I felt were facing some of the same issues. I have other books of hers in my to be read pile. I wish I had time to get to them.

So, check out all the books at B&H and check out the books by Karen Ball. You will not be disappointed.