I’ve said in a previous post that story ideas are everywhere. The book I’m in the process of polishing came from research I did on epilepsy. You see, my son was diagnosed in 2002 with a rare form of the disease. One doctor believed it to be supplementory motor epilepsy which originates from deep inside the frontal lobe of the brain.

His seizures are not the normal kind. If I wrote about them, people wouldn’t believe me.

Here’s what happens:

His heart races, his pupils dilate, then his right hand comes up, he swipes his nose, then brings it behind his head. His other hand follows. If he is standing, he takes off running with his knees lifted high in the air. When it is over (when it was at its very worst–before medication) he would then grin this very strange grin. Very bizarre. Fortunately, medication controls all that.

But in my research, I found that in olden days women with seizures weren’t allowed to marry. I thought that would be a good conflict for a novel. That particular conflict, however, will not come until the 3rd book in my Secret Beauty Series.

Visit the Epilepsy Foundation for more information on the disease.