If you study great literature to learn the art and craft of writing, may I suggest In High Places by Tom Morrisey. When I wrote a previous post on the book, I had not read it yet. I had just heard the author speak and had a chance to talk to him. Now that I have read it, I am in awe of this man’s writing.

The story is narrated by a man remembering when he was sixteen back in the 70’s–the tragedy in his life, how his father reacted to the tragedy and how it changed the young man’s life.

Here is an excerpt of what the 16-year-old(or maybe it was the adult) thought about critiquing The Great Gatsby :

Literary criticism has always seemed to me like the sterile dissection of a flower, the careful segmentation of pistil and stamen and petal: when you’re finished, you may understand it better, but it won’t be beautiful anymore.

Don’t read In High Places to dissect it, read it for its beauty.