I hate repeating myself, but I must in this case. I’ve said before that I love quirky characters and they usually happen to be detectives of some sort.

Well, here is another quirky sleuth I must recommend:

A widower professor with musical halluciantions becomes a sleuth to solve a fellow instructor’s murder.

 Unfortunately for Preston Barclay, he is one of the suspects and he must solve the crime to prove his own innocence.

Musical hallucinations. Sometimes they fit the situation like the musical scores to movies, but sometimes they didn’t which made for many funny moments. The book is full of humorous quips.

Okay, so I think this author is brilliant.  Go buy the book, Rhapsody in Red, by Donn Taylor to see how the author was able to pull off the musical hallicinations by using words.

Here is an excerpt(as he remembers the night his wife died while listening to Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto no. 2):

I know no movement more filled with passionate longing, and Faith’s smile came again as the music’s emotion deepened. At long last the violins returned with the fullest, most intense development of the theme. And at that moment of singing violins Faith’s spirit slipped away from her body, which yet lay with a smile on its face, its lifeless hand in mine.

I think it was also that  moment when the music passed from Faith’s soul into mine, where it still resides.