I have terrible memory and I believe it is because the blood is not getting to my brain efficiently or maybe sufficiently.

So, I’ve discovered that if I need to remember somebody’s name, I need to turn upside down. Yes, upside down.

Believe it or not, it has worked for me several times.

Once, I used my exercise ball to sprawl backward until my head dangled off.  I remembered the person’s name I was trying to think of within seconds. This was not a person I was around a lot–more of a passing acquaintance. But by turning upside down I was able to remember.

Another time while with my extended family on a Sunday afternoon, I was trying to think of a person’s name that just moved to Durham. I’ve never met the person, but have spoken about him a couple of times before with my colleagues and for the life of me couldn’t think of his name –which is very unique. So, in front of all my family, I touched my toes and was able to remember his name.  They, of course, thought I was a nut. They’ve thought that all along anyway.

Next time you’re struggling to remember something, touch your toes and see if it doesn’t come to you.

Maybe teachers should try a “touch your toes” session just before taking major tests.