My favorite fiction reading is regency romance.  I just completed reading Before the Season Ends by Linore Rose Burkard.

The author writes with rich detail(something that is sorely lacking in my own writing) similar in style to Georgette Heyer.

Miss Ariana Forsythe is resolved to the fact that her lot in life is to marry a clergyman–even after the young rector moves away and is replaced by a man older than her father.

Ariana seems a little silly as she pines for this older man who seems to have no other redeeming qualities other than he is a rector. Her parents feel the only solution is to remove her from the situation by sending her away to her aunt’s who is to sponsor her in her first season  in society.

She is told to stay away from one eligible bachelor, Mr.  Phillip Morney,  because he has been known to destroy the social chances of other young women by his indifference to them.

A great story. Read what happens when she meets Mr. Morney at a picnic on his estate. Let’s just say she doesn’t end up marrying a Rector.