It never fails. When I read long passages of scripture in one sitting I always find new plots or new ideas for my “in progress” work.

My usual way of reading the Bible is a chapter at a time, or the passage from Sunday School, but when I read chapters at a time, in this case I was reading Chapters 1 -11 of 1Kings, I seem to find the new ideas. I was not reading for that purpose, though.

I read the Bible to draw closer to God.

Today I came away with the title for the sequel to my book, Absalom’s Beauty, and a plot point. The title is… drum roll please… Solomon’s Stables. I suppose  the names of King David’s sons will be a “motif” for this series.  This will mean I will have to change a character’s name in the first book, though.

I highly recommend reading the Bible for inspiration of more than just one kind.