I spent my 42nd birthday reading–that was the gift I gave myself. I also watched Becoming Jane with Anne Hathaway(can be viewed on-line through netflix) about the life of Jane Austen.

I’ve thought of writing this post many times.

I was an infant in the 60s.

A child in the 70s.

A teenager in 80s.

Hit my 30s in the 90s.

And now I’m in my 40’s.

At work on Thursday, I found out Farrah Faucett died and mentioned it to my co-worker who said, “Who is that?” And I had to explain that she was of Charlie’s Angels Fame– back in the 70s when I was just a child. Of course, my co-worker had not been born at that time. Makes me feel kinda old.

I’m thankful for making it this long. Jane Austen passed away when she was  only 43(I think)–but, oh, did she write some good stuff  by that time.