I’m back from a long weekend at Myrtle Beach, SC.  My peeps and I have stayed at the Caribbean Resort for the last three years. So this year, I thought it appropriate to read Pirate themed books. And that I did.

The Blue Enchantress

The first book I read was the Blue Enchantress – Charles Towne Belles Book 2 by MaryLu Tyndall.

What you’ll find in the Blue Enchantress:

A captive woman

A sacrificial rescue

A raging storm

A maniacal sea captain

A shipwreck on a deserted island

Donald Maass says to have your character do something he would never do. And the author did this in a most excellent way. Her vivid descriptions put me on the decks of the tall ships. I could hear the waves lapping on the shore. Oh, wait a minute, those were actual waves lapping.

The faith element was expertly woven into the plot.

This book did not disappoint. An excellent beach read.

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