I’ve about come to the conclusion that my writing career is over. And it never really began.

You see I’ve had some disappointing set-backs.

If these stories would just stop haunting me, then I could just quit, but they continue on in my brain until I write them down. I wish I could give it up. Stop doing it.

Last weekend I listened to Debbie Macomber’s keynote address to the 2009 American Christian Fiction Writers conference. One of her books received an embarrassing critique at her first ever writers’ conference. The publisher told her to throw the story away instead of revising it. Debbie didn’t listen and it became her first published book. And we know how her career has been since that time. I take great comfort in that true life story of beating the odds.

So, I’ve got to try.  Even if I’m the William Hung of fiction writing.

I have no regrets at all.