Have you ever sent an email and later wished you could get it back?

Yeah?  Me, too.

Recently, I sent an e-mail with the word “dual” to an editor at a well-known publisher. Of course, I meant “duel” because my characters were to fight in a duel (not a dual). Quite humiliating. Fortunately, I get to meet the editor face to face and I’ll confess. Who knows, maybe she didn’t catch it.

Anyway, I thought I’d write about some of the funnier e-mail accidents I’ve come across.

At a former job, my co-worker was cleaning up an error I had made and sent this to the other party involved:

“I’m sorry for the incontinence.”

Oops. That’s  not a  good thing.

Just today, I received an email that ended with this:

“I hope this email is of existence.”  I could only assume she meant “assistance”. Because it is obvious the email exists. The assistance part I’m not so sure.

All this to say, spell check doesn’t catch everything and sometimes catches an incorrect spelling, but human error has the word replaced with something totally inappropriate–like incontinence for inconvenience.

Do you have some experiences like this? If so, I’d love for you to share them with me. Please leave a comment.