For most of the day, the skies have been overcast.  It wasn’t until about an hour ago that the thunder started rumbling around me.  And then the heavens released a torrential downpour.

Being the good girl my daddy raised, I saved my work in progress, shut down my computer, and picked up a book.

I struggle, because I don’t like my writing. I don’t have a natural gift to turn a well-crafted phrase.  So I admire those true wordsmiths like Donn Taylor. I purchased his poetry book, Dust and Diamonds, and his book is what  I turned to as the storm set in.

His poem, Power Outage, was especially relevant as I feared the power would be interrupted during the storm. Here are the last four lines:

All praise to Him,

Master of storm and silence,

Who smote the lesser power out

To let the Greater in.

And I think, I wish I could write with such finesse. All I could come up with as the thunder shook the house was this:

The house shook like one great big cell phone set on vibrate.

Pretty sad. And right now I’m writing historical romances, so I can’t even use it in my novels.

Dr. Taylor is a genius.