It is my pleasure to introduce Mickey Glasscock as my guest blogger today.  In this picture he is saying, “You wanna “piece” of this?”  I wouldn’t mess with him.

Here’s his story about a hairy situation:

Hello my name is Mickey, an average guy in a topsy turvy world.

My future sister-in-law asked me to share a story about myself that happened several years ago.

I was 27 years young, enjoying single life and the club scene.

When my buddy and I went clubbing we would always dress to impress from the clothes on our back to the shoes on our feet.

I also made sure my hair piece was freshly washed and smelling good. Oh yeah, I wore a hair piece back then.

You see I began losing my hair when I was a senior in high school and by age 24 it was gone!!!

A baby’s bottom had more hair on it than the top of my head did. This was a very hard thing to live with at such a young age. The only time I didn’t have a hat on was in the shower and the bed. Believe you me it was rough times!!

Then I saw a commercial for hair pieces from a place in Raleigh and the rest was money in their account.

My “piece”, as I liked to call it, was removable. It fit to my existing hair using three clips (one on each side and one in the back) and velcro in the front. I had individual velcro pads which I stuck, two at a time, to my fore head (it made me look like a martian). After clipping the three clips to the sides and back, I’d pressed the front of my piece to the velcro pads and I was red to go!!

This gets me back to my story which was me and my friend going clubbing.

It had been a couple of years since I started wearing my piece so I had confidence in the way I looked when going out.

On this particular Saturday night we were going to a club in Raleigh.

Upon entering the club, my buddy and I went our separate ways and it wasn’t long afterwards I found myself dancing with a fine looking philly. I don’t like to brag but I felt I was a great dancer and on this particular night, I was really grooving.

The philly I was dancing with couldn’t take her eyes off of me; it was as if I was mesmerizing her with my moves.

Not only that but I also noticed people standing off the raised dance floor watching and pointing at me also.

Boy I thought, Michael Jackson and Elvis himself didn’t have anything on me tonight.

We finished that dance and three more before leaving the floor.

People were still looking at me when I saw my buddy motioning for me across the club.

With chest poked out and feeling like John Travolta in Saturday Nite Fever, I made my way over to him.

As I got closer to my friend, I noticed moisture in his eyes; it looked as if he’d been crying.

I asked if he were okay and after collecting himself and telling me he was fine, he grabbed me by the shoulders and pointed me at one of the many mirrors in the club.

You know, black lights used in clubs are amazing things, they make things glow and in this case it was my hair and as I stood there looking at myself, my head glowing in a greenish hue, I realized several things. The first was the tears in my friend’s eyes were tears from laughing at my green glowing head, the second was I probably wasn’t as good of a dancer as I thought because those folks and that philly were gawking at me for a totally different reason than what I thought and third and fore most was that you should never wash your hair piece in well water from your home.

Well-water contains mineral deposits in it, one of which is lime and these deposits aren’t harmful unless you decide to go to a club equipped with black lights!!

Well, even though the laugh was on me that night, it didn’t stop me from having fun; I continued to dance and had a good time pretending it was my dancing the people were looking at and not my glowing green hair!!!