Jerry Jenkins’ advice to writers is to check out the competition. Even the edgy stuff.

So with his permission, I read “Writing Jane Austen” by Elizabeth Aston.  I cringed at the taking of the Lord’s name in vain, but it was otherwise a fairly clean read.

I’m leery of the Jane Austen knock-offs. My husband bought me the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies for a birthday present last year. I still haven’t read it. It is not exactly what I choose to read. But I enjoyed “Writing Jane Austen”.

The poor character in the book has writer’s block. I don’t exactly have a problem with writer’s block. Ideas seem to flow easily and I enjoy letting the story come to me as I write–I don’t snowflake or outline (the snowflake method was mentioned in the book–I got the distinct feeling the author knows Randy Ingermanson, the Snowflake guy –the male character in the book is a physicist, too).

I don’t like revision. That’s why you’ll find many blunders on my blog posts.  I was supposed to be working on the revisions of my novel, but I elected to read this book instead–trying to postpone the dreaded task.

Anyway, I got a little perturbed at the character who had never read a novel by Jane Austen and didn’t until half-way through the book. I wanted to shake the girl and say, “READ THE BOOKS!”

And that is my suggestion. Read the books. I love Jane Austen.