To commemorate the celebration of my sister’s 40th Birthday, I’ve invited Mickey to share another one of his stories.

Take it away Mickey:

Hey, it’s Mickey again and at the request of Anita, I have got another story to tell you.

This one concerns me and a fair skinned beauty named Dawn who just happens to be not only Anita’s sister but also my fiancée. That being said, let’s get to the story.

It was a Saturday several years ago and not just the usual Saturday either, not for Dawn anyway. This particular Saturday was the last of two consecutive dance recitals involving her daughters Grayson, 7, and Sara, 5.

The girls were in three dances a piece and Dawn had to dress them for each and then go quickly upstairs to view each performance.

During one of her ventures up the stairs she turned her ankle. Well let me just tell ya, my Dawnie doesn’t take to pain very well.

She did manage to get through the recital but when I got to her house afterwards I could tell she wasn’t in the best of moods. So being the thoughtful fellow that I am I told her I was taking her to the movies and then dinner.

Her mood lifted slightly as we headed out the door. Once at the movies, I got my usual, tub of popcorn and drink. The movie we were going to see was Fracture with Anthony Hopkins. We settled in to our seats and seeing a smile come to Dawn’s lips all I could think was, “Mickey you the man!!”

Alas, her mood changed during the course of the movie. Dawn just could not seem to get comfortable; she kept changing the way she was sitting. I thought I was sitting beside a three year old the way she was squirming!

I asked her what was wrong and she said her ankle was hurting her. Also she said she had been so busy, she hadn’t had time to eat lunch. I thought the popcorn was lunch but she said it wasn’t, go figure.

The squirming went on for a little over an hour when Dawn abruptly stood and told me she was going to the bathroom. I asked her if there was anything I could say to help her but she said she was fine and would be right back.

My thoughts of concern quickly shifted to the movie and popcorn and without the fidgeting going on beside me, I  lost track of time.

I was totally engrossed in the movie when a tap came to my shoulder, with my jaws swollen from a hand full of popcorn I looked up to see two attendants standing over me. Reverting back to my younger days, I panicked, wondering what I had done wrong. The thoughts quickly faded and I said “what’s up?” coolly, popcorn falling from my mouth.

They asked me if I was with a blonde who had on blue jeans and red sandals.

It was then I realize after glancing at my watch, Dawn had been gone about 20 minutes. I told them I was.

They said she was laid out in the women’s bathroom and would I come with them.

As I filled my mouth with more popcorn (I must have looked like a pig eating from the trough) I knew I had to make an important decision; to stay or go. I mean that movie and that popcorn were getting really good!

Well the good angel on my right shoulder won out, I reluctantly sat my popcorn down and followed the attendants out the door.

When we got to the women’s bathroom, I peeked in and the sight my eyes beheld was right out of Wizard of Oz!!!

There protruded from one of the stalls were two legs and feet. The feet were adorned with red shoes. Those of you familiar with the Wizard of Oz should be able to recall the scene when Dorothy’s house lands on the wicked witch, her two legs and red shoed feet were all you could see.

I walked over to the stall and peered in.

There laid Dawnie sprawled out like a mummy between the toilet and paper holder with a huge black eye!

She said she had fainted from the pain in her ankle and from not eating. I asked if she was okay; she said she was fine and that she was going to lie there for a while.

She did look comfortable lying there with her head beside the toilet, the paper unrolled to where it was almost touching her mouth, (it was actually moving from her breath), clicking her red sandals together.

As I looked down at her a thought went through my head. “Man if I only had a camera because this was definitely a Kodak moment!”

Although the sight was priceless and trust me it was, I knew I had to get my Dawnie out of there. I reached down and pulled her up. Once up she said “weeeeeeee!!!!, let’s do that again!” I thought about it but I figured I had her up so I better keep her that way.

The attendants and I walked her down to the fountain area of Palace Pointe where we sat down and waited for the EMTs to arrive to check Dawn out.

After their arrival, the EMTs gave Dawn a thorough checkup, Dawn being a good patient, was asking for medical advice for every ailment she’d had for the past several years.

Everything checked out fine other than her blood pressure. Seems Dawn has always had very low blood pressure and after checking it three times the EMT told her if she had not been talking and breathing he would have figured her dead!

Dawn then went in to the long story about her low blood pressure.

I tell you the truth; she talked more in that time with those EMTs and Palace Pointe attendants than she had in the past year and a half we had dated!

When she finally took a long breath and was quiet for a minute, the EMTs seized the opportunity and said they had to go.

They helped me board Dawnie in my car and bid their farewells.

This story did have a happy ending though. Palace Pointe gave us two free movie passes. And you ready for this! FREE POPCORN and drink to go with the passes!

Oh yeah, lest I forget, Dawn was okay too!!  Well other than the twisted ankle, black eye, bruised hip and the knot on her head she got during the way.