Imagine this cutie pie laughing as she writes this silly tale:

The Boy of Her Dreams

The beautiful lady had a very big mansion. She was very rich. She was in lots of plays.  Then she got ill of it.

Then she killed the person who made her do it. And then she met a charming looking boy. She loved him so much her eyes turned in to big hearts.

She dreamed of marrying him and being a princess.

Then she fainted.

And then he saved her.

And then she fainted again.

And then he said “Would you stop fainting already.” And then he punched her in the face.

Then he kissed her.

Then she said, “What in the world are you doing?”

He said, “Well, I’m kissing you. Are you crazy?”

“No, you’re crazy.”

“No, you are.”

Then they ate reese’s pieces. They made it into a big heart. And then they gobbled it all up.

He got one side of the heart. She got the other side.

Then he choked on them.

And then she had to punch him in the chest to make it fly out.

And then it hit a glass and broke it. He had to pay to buy a new one.

He started crying and went home to his mommy.

(I think she has been hanging around her Uncle Scott and Cousin Logan a little too much)