It happened to my sister.

So it came as no surprise when it happened to me.

I’ve always told my sister that we have tired blood. And I proved it this week.

I went in for a blood test–cholesterol, vitamin D, etc.

The first stick yielded a trickle of blood that practically stopped within seconds.

So, they stuck me again. This time at the wrist, in line with my thumb.

That HURT.

And I almost passed out.  And for all that pain–no blood.

They tried again in my other arm. First, at the inside part of the elbow(probably has a name, I just don’t know what it is) and then they tried on the top of my hand, and then at that painful part of my wrist(with my hand dangling down toward the ground so that gravity could help the process). All for naught.

I left without giving blood. Apparently I was dehydrated.

I’ve been too chicken to go back.

I was teased at work.

So when they asked me to lick the stamps for our team Christmas cards(just kidding, of course–at least I hope they were) I had a wonderful excuse–I don’t have enough Liquid Assets–An appropriate excuse in my line of work.

I wish I could give blood. If you can,  do.