The biggest hindrance for my writing is my uncontrollable urge to rearrange furniture. I inherited the trait from my paternal grandmother. My cousin, Tammi, shares that trait as well. My sister, fortunately for her, did not get it.

It seems I have a creative brain which manifests itself in stories and furniture rearrangement.

I find myself staring at a room and thinking about the possibilities. And when I think of a good one, I can’t do anything else until I rearrange it. I spent last weekend rearranging my bedroom all the while knowing that I will be replacing the floor and will have to move everything out while its being done, making what I was doing a big waste of time. I should have waited, but I couldn’t think about anything else until that room was re-done.

Unfortunately, when I’m in the furniture rearrangement mode, I’m not in the story mode. It is one or the other, not both. I’m in the furniture rearrangement mode now and I need to re-set myself back into the story mode.

For those furniture rearranging nuts out there, here is a website that might help you: