They Almost Always Come Home by Cynthia Ruchti.

I heard the author speak at the 2005 Nashville ACFW Conference. It wasn’t a long talk. In fact, it was brief, but I knew then that this woman was a brilliant writer. And then later she became the “Topic of the Week” person for the ACFW main loop and her posts impressed me. I couldn’t imagine having that much creativity for coming up with the unique way she presented the topics. She has a natural gift from God for using words to make beautiful stories.

Here is the intro passage to her novel:

Do dead people wear shoes? In the casket, I mean. Seems a waste. Then again, no outfit is complete without the shoes.

The author says on her website: My prayer is that you will close the last page of my novels with a satisfied sigh. It will bless me if you say, “What a great story!” It will bless me more to hear, “What a great God!”