Grayson: Adam and Eve’s children didn’t have grandparents.

Sara: People shouldn’t talk to snakes.

Grayson with Grandma

Sara with Grandma

Notice the 10 year-old is taller than her grandmother (and me).


My nieces are brilliant. Must have taken after their NeeNee(me). Or it could be that they have been professional Vacation Bible Schoolers this summer. If they saw a sign in a church yard announcing VBS, they wanted to go. Three so far and our church hasn’t even had theirs yet.

Anyway, My Grayson girl told me one time she wanted to grow up to be a teacher.

And I told her that was wonderful and to go on to earn a  PhD so she can teach at college.

You know what she said?

She said, “But NeeNee, I want to teach little kids the Bible.”

That humbled me. What a wonderful goal to have in life.

Oh, and what would we do without grandparents? How did Adam and Eve manage?

My daddy said that because Adam and Eve’s children didn’t have grandparents, they weren’t spoiled.