The Little Lost Kitten



One day Angela, the cat, had seven kittens. Their names were Whiskers, Polka Dot, Brownie, Daisy, Chocolate Chip, Puff and she didn’t know she had another one so she didn’t name it. She was giving all six kittens some food, but the seventh kitten didn’t get any. He felt left out. So he ran away and named himself, Plaid.  He walked through the street and got hit by a car but he only injured his leg, so he found a box and lived there.

Six years later, he woke up, yawned and stretched a big stretch and the next  thing he knew he was walking on the red carpet because he was the star of the Little Lost Kitten. Thousands and millions and trillions knew his name. His mama didn’t know that he would be so famous when he got left out of the family and was homeless.


The End.

I love happy endings.