Sara’s latest tale. We had a lot of fun laughing at the dialogue between the characters.

The Halloween Scream

There was a little family called the Robertsons. The youngest child was named Isabel and the middle child’s name was Zoey. The oldest child’s name was Jackson. He was mean and always scared them.

“Tomorrow’s Walloween,” said Isabel.

“That’s not how you say Halloween,” said Jackson.

“Don’t be mean,” said Zoey.

“Halloween’s for babies,” said Jackson.

“No, it’s not,” said Zoey. “Now we’ve gotta go pick out our Halloween costumes.”

“You’re already wearing yours,” said Jackson. “And so is little baby smurfette.”

“I not waby murfpet,” said Isabel removing her thumb from her mouth.

“Dar har har,” said Zoey.

“Come on children,” said their mother in a squeaky voice.

“Coming momster,” said Jackson.

A few minutes later they picked out their costumes. Isabel was a pumpkin and Zoey was Taylor Swift. And Jackson was a werewolf.

Isabel said, “Fwuffy doggy.”

Jackson said, “I ain’t no dog, dawg. You overgrown booger.”

Zoey sang, “Stop fooling arou-ound. We never have to be this me-ean. Ah yeah.”

Jackson said, “You’re no Taylor Swift, you’re more like Taylor Swiffer.”

Zoey sang, “I hate that ole dirty ole Swiffer upper you never let me use.”

“If you sing one more time, dis little doggy here is gonna eat you. Dum Dum dum.”

“Oh, no! Tonight is Halloween,” said the two girls. “The store is shut down all night.”

They all heard the door slam as the lights grew darker and the costumes started to light up and float around.

“Isabel, is that you?” asked Jackson. “I’m scared of the dark.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” he screamed, in a panic, running around in circles like a fluffy doggy.

Zoey grabbed one of the costumes and jumped at Jackson with the costume, then she said, “I’m Zoey. They killed me. And now I’m one of them.” Then she started to laugh as Jackson was crying sucking his thumb and rocking back and forth on his back.

“Mommyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” screamed Jackson.

Then they turned on the lights and started laughing at him.

“Tomorrow’s Halloween, you tiny scaredy dog.”

The End.