I’ve been listening to the audio version of  Debbie Macomber’s book, One Simple Act, on giving and I conclude that you can free yourself  by giving.

Before listening to Mrs. Macomber’s book I had been reading a self-help book on success or finding your right life (I’ve been in a getting-life-in-order fix so I can finish the book I’m working on) and the life coach said that she had a client who could not relax (not be a workaholic) until she had $20 million. The woman made it to $20 million and then wanted more (so she could relax).

You gotta be kidding me. $20 million?

If I had been that woman’s life coach, I’d have told her to give some of that 20 million away. Give freely. It wouldn’t be easy, but I think it would release her from her anxiety.

I’m reading another book, First Steps to Wealth by Dani Johnson(ABC’s Secret Millionaire). This millionaire gives away all but 10% of her income.

That’s where I want to be–to be able to live comfortably on 10% of my salary so I can give away the rest.

Hey, we can all dream, can’t we?