I’ve always thought myself a creative person. “What-If” scenarios are easy for me.

It’s the processing of those “What-ifs” that has always stumped me.

I’ve checked out books from the library like Mastering Creative Anxiety and Write it Down, Make it Happen to find clues as to how to get past my writing blocks.

One idea I gleaned from Write it Down is “Being near water–one of the four elements of life–is conducive to creativity.”

Since I can’t make it to the beach every weekend (That would be wonderful), I remembered a small waterfall I’ve had for some time. It had been relegated to the basement with the other unused stuff. I cleaned it up, poured some water in it and set it by my side.

Now I hear the trickle of water throughout my writing session.

My husband reminded me that we already had that water sound in the form of a finicky toilet in the downstairs bathroom. Unless you jiggle the handle after flushing, it runs non-stop. I suppose I could have gone with that, but between a running toilet and a babbling brook, well I prefer the babbling brook.

Here’s a picture of my newest writing tool.

(Aren’t you glad I didn’t take a picture of my toilet?)