When my son was an infant, I watched him sleep. Whether he was perched on my shoulder or splayed out in his crib there was something soothing about seeing his tiny chest rise and fall with each breath.

Sleeping Baby Logan -- look at those cool bedroom slippers

Later, when he was in first grade, I watched him sleep for different reasons.

Seizures stole his restorative sleep making his body unable to fight off infection.

Baby Logan and His Big Boy Bed

The day before yesterday we got him a new bed. He had been sleeping on the old one that my husband and I “inherited” when we were married over 23 years ago.

AND it was time for a new one because at age seventeen and at over six feet tall his feet hung off the full mattress.

This morning I stood in his doorway watching him sleep on his new really big boy bed. There is still something soothing about doing that.

This is my baby today seen here with Felicia P(she’s 5’6″):

See how tall he is.

The joke in the family is that he got his height from me, his 5’3″ mother. He stole it from me, that’s why I’m not tall. But really, he did get the height gene from my side of the family. My dad is 6’2″.I love that boy