Dave Ramsey says if you want to be a millionaire then spend time with millionaires. And likewise, if you want to be a billionaire, spend time with billionaires.

Interview them, shadow them to find out how they obtained success.

I want to become a published author, so following Dave Ramsey’s advice, I contacted a published author.

Alice J. Wisler is a Durham author published by Bethany House. I friended her on Facebook sometime ago and, knowing she lived in Durham, I asked if she would meet me sometime.

The Facebook App on my Android phone apparently wasn’t working properly. I sent other messages, but they weren’t going through. So, thinking she probably thought I was a kook anyway, I didn’t contact her anymore.

Then, recently, she posted on Facebook that she spent time at Bruegger’s within walking distance of my office building. I asked if she would meet me and, surprisingly, she agreed.

Her books are set in North Carolina giving an instant appeal for this NC girl.

Rain Song is set in the town of Mount Olive, NC

At my initial contact with her, I put the book in my car just in case she agreed to meet me. Unfortunately, that was during the hot months of the year. The glue holding the pages melted and fell out.

And being the crazy person that I am, I asked her to sign that copy. And she did!

From the book cover:

Nicole Michelin avoids airplanes, motorcycles, and most of all, Japan, where her parents once were missionaries. Something happened in Japan. Something that sent Nicole and her father back to America alone. Something of which Nicole knows only bits and pieces. But she is content with life in little Mount Olive, North Carolina, with her quirky relatives, tank of lively fish, and plenty of homemade pineapple chutney.

Through her online column for the Pretty Fishy Web site, she meets Harrison Michaels, who, much to her dismay, lives in Japan. She attempts to avoid him, but his e-mails tug at her heart.

Then Harrison reveals that he knew her as a child in Japan. In fact, he knows more about her childhood than she does! Will Nicole face her fears in order to discover her past and take a chance on love?

My thoughts:

I enjoyed the book and I’m not saying that just because the author agreed to meet me for lunch.

The questions we have throughout the novel, like why Nicole’s treasured doll has one sleeve shorter than the other, are all answered when she learns what happened the night her mother died–the one event that haunted her since age 2.

Being a romance reader, I longed to know what happened between Nicole and Harrison after they met. I’ll leave that to my imagination.

Enjoyable read.