My first thought about the book was, “that’s a strange title. I wonder what it means.”

And you find out in the first few pages of The Husband Tree by Mary Connealy.

The book blends romance with the wild wild west where love is found on a cattle drive. I read it in one day and said to my husband, Scott, who doesn’t read westerns, “I think you’ll like this book.”

He read the back and said, “I’ll read it.”

He did. In one day. And said, “You’ll have to buy this book. This is one we’ll want to keep.” (I borrowed it from the Durham Public Library)

I think he loved the feisty females–a mother (Belle) and her 4 girls(one of them an infant) who are determined to run their ranch without the help of a husband. In fact, the oldest girls made their mother promise never to bring another man into their home, because in their minds, all men are worthless.

Likewise, Silas has sworn off conniving females, but he needs a job and agrees to go on a cattle drive with these five females. Yes, he is a glutton for punishment.

Worth your time reading if you enjoy romance.