Big I, Little I, What begins with I . . .

I regress back to my Dr. Seuss days.

I am a Big I.

Introvert, that is. On the Myers-Briggs scale.

It means that I need alone time to get energized.

I work in an industry that requires constant contact with people. And for me that is draining.

I LOVE being alone. It recharges me. I have to have it.

So, I choose to go to lunch alone. I choose to exercise at home, away from other people. I chose to write alone.

But–I also enjoy being around other writers. I crave it.

I want to talk about characters and plots, submissions and rejections.

And the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference is the perfect place for those interactions. I find I can actually carry on a conversation at a table of people I’ve never met before.

That happens in no other setting. It seems I become a different person.

I’d say instead of a Big I, I become a little e(extrovert).