This past week I attended the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference.

As I climbed those hills and stairs to get from one building to another, I felt like an aged person.

But I must not look it.

While standing in line for lunch, I was asked, “Is this your first conference?”

I said, “No, this was my sixth time.”

“Sixth? You don’t look old enough to have attended 6 times.”


“You look about the age of my daughter. She’s 26.”

I was flattered and thought to myself, my son was born when I was 27 and he’ll be able to vote in the next presidential election.

At the banquet I sat with a fellow UNC-G alumnus. I mentioned that I graduated in the 80’s (late 80’s–I never had big hair, btw). She said she wouldn’t have guessed it.

What makes me seem younger than I am?

Maybe it’s the extra weight that stretches out the wrinkles.

But maybe I seem naive and immature to people.

Is that a good thing?

I would like to portray wisdom that comes with age and experience (But not with wrinkles).


Job 12:12 With the ancient is wisdom; and in length of days understanding.


I don’t want to be thought of as ancient (My son thinks I am. My husband can’t, because we are the same age), but I would love to be known as wise.