The truth is I was always better at Math and Science than I was in English and History.

And what am I doing?

I am writing historical fiction.

Odd, isn’t it?

And while I excelled in the sciences, some of my favorite memories of school came from my High School English Teachers.

My 10th grade book report and presentation was on Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. It is a very dark, gothic tale and has a complicated plot. Or at least in my mind it is complicated. But my teacher, Mrs. Wiggins, complimented me on my presentation.

My 11th grade teacher, Mr Mooney, said something funny one day in class. I laughed. But no one else did. I was a little embarrassed. But then he said something along the lines of, “People who understand jokes are intelligent.”

Those compliments stuck with me, and maybe those compliments are what made me attempt to write when I should be pursuing a degree in the sciences.

I think my days for the sciences are long past, but I think I can do this writing thing with a little time and effort. Make that, A LOT OF TIME AN EFFORT.