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Youtube wasn’t around when my baby was little.

If it had been, I’d have posted this video:

Is he not the sweetest baby in the whole wide world?

My son is still a trickster.

If I ask him to do something for me, he’ll say “no” while he’s doing what I asked.

Oh, and my Grandmother’s voice is in the background. She says, “He loves Grandmama.” And he did.

When my son was an infant, I watched him sleep. Whether he was perched on my shoulder or splayed out in his crib there was something soothing about seeing his tiny chest rise and fall with each breath.

Sleeping Baby Logan -- look at those cool bedroom slippers

Later, when he was in first grade, I watched him sleep for different reasons.

Seizures stole his restorative sleep making his body unable to fight off infection.

Baby Logan and His Big Boy Bed

The day before yesterday we got him a new bed. He had been sleeping on the old one that my husband and I “inherited” when we were married over 23 years ago.

AND it was time for a new one because at age seventeen and at over six feet tall his feet hung off the full mattress.

This morning I stood in his doorway watching him sleep on his new really big boy bed. There is still something soothing about doing that.

This is my baby today seen here with Felicia P(she’s 5’6″):

See how tall he is.

The joke in the family is that he got his height from me, his 5’3″ mother. He stole it from me, that’s why I’m not tall. But really, he did get the height gene from my side of the family. My dad is 6’2″.I love that boy

The true reason to celebrate Christmas is found  in this song sung by my sister at our annual Hanging of the Greens.

Thank you, Jesus.

My son hates it when I beat him at Wheel of Fortune.

And when I have, yet again, bested him in solving a puzzle, he “storms” from the room in pretend disgust. As he leaves the room he yells back over his shoulder, “Why don’t you try out for the show.”

And I say “Because I don’t look good on video. The camera is not kind to me.”

I’d say, “Logan, does this TV make me look fat?”

To which my son would reply, “It’s not the TV, Mama.”

I think highly of my son. Very highly. (Cause he’s much taller than me. No really, I love my boy).

He makes me laugh.Which means I think he’s brilliant. Even though his grades don’t reflect his brilliance. He can solve a rubik’s cube in under a minute.

He loves funny stuff –comedians, T-shirts with funny sayings or pictures, jokes, etc.

In September we took our annual Myrtle Beach trip.

While there we saw the Pirate’s Voyage, a new dinner show complete with high dive acts, mermaids and of course, pirates.

As we were walking from the parking lot to the show, I quickly snapped this picture, not paying attention to what I was doing because we were rushing to catch the pre-show. When we returned to our condo I checked my camera and lo and behold, this is what I had taken:

Yes, my son is wearing a Kool-Aid T-shirt. My little niece wanted to dress like him, so now we call him the Big Pitcher and her the little glass of Kool-Aid. For his birthday (aka Halloween) he could’ve dressed as the headless Kool-Aid man. Now that’s scary stuff.


I’m a big Dave Ramsey fan.

He helped my family get rid of credit card debt, and a car loan in less than a year.

So I have a lot of respect for the man.

And so, when his new book EntreLeadership came out, I wanted to read it, even though I wasn’t a leader, nor an entrepreneur.

And yet, the book spoke to me. It convicted me of my slovenly work habits and has made me want to be a better worker.

How he conducts business is a model to emulate.

What surprised me the most about his book is that he made me tear up at least three times.

I almost cried reading a book about how to run a business. How odd is that? Very odd.

I encourage business owners, leaders, managers, teams to read this book.

And I challenge you not to be normal– because normal is broke.


Blue Eyes

Remind me of the Blue Sea

Blue Eyes

Remind me of the sky I see

Blue Eyes

Remind me of the blue flowers that tickle me

Blue Eyes

Remind me of your love for me.

The End.

My Sara girl doesn’t like writing poetry as much as writing fiction, but I think she did a good job.

The Little Lost Kitten



One day Angela, the cat, had seven kittens. Their names were Whiskers, Polka Dot, Brownie, Daisy, Chocolate Chip, Puff and she didn’t know she had another one so she didn’t name it. She was giving all six kittens some food, but the seventh kitten didn’t get any. He felt left out. So he ran away and named himself, Plaid.  He walked through the street and got hit by a car but he only injured his leg, so he found a box and lived there.

Six years later, he woke up, yawned and stretched a big stretch and the next  thing he knew he was walking on the red carpet because he was the star of the Little Lost Kitten. Thousands and millions and trillions knew his name. His mama didn’t know that he would be so famous when he got left out of the family and was homeless.


The End.

I love happy endings.

Grayson: Adam and Eve’s children didn’t have grandparents.

Sara: People shouldn’t talk to snakes.

Grayson with Grandma

Sara with Grandma

Notice the 10 year-old is taller than her grandmother (and me).


My nieces are brilliant. Must have taken after their NeeNee(me). Or it could be that they have been professional Vacation Bible Schoolers this summer. If they saw a sign in a church yard announcing VBS, they wanted to go. Three so far and our church hasn’t even had theirs yet.

Anyway, My Grayson girl told me one time she wanted to grow up to be a teacher.

And I told her that was wonderful and to go on to earn a  PhD so she can teach at college.

You know what she said?

She said, “But NeeNee, I want to teach little kids the Bible.”

That humbled me. What a wonderful goal to have in life.

Oh, and what would we do without grandparents? How did Adam and Eve manage?

My daddy said that because Adam and Eve’s children didn’t have grandparents, they weren’t spoiled.

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