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I don’t normally write about movies. Maybe once or twice. But I just watched a movie that I loved–Secret Santa on Lifetime starring Jennie Garth (of old 90210 fame).

This is a sweet tale about a journalist who sets out to reveal the identity of the generous person who bestowed gifts to deserving individuals in a town called Hamden.

Unlike a lot of Christmas movies, this movie doesn’t skip the true meaning of the season. At one point in the movie, the journalist is at the town Inn, but there was no room, so she has to stay in the Rest Home in town–great plot point, I must say.

It appears the movie came out in 2003, but somehow I missed it. When I watch movies like this, it makes me wish I could write stories that are fun and at the same time convey a deeper meaning.

I loved the movie. If you see it on TV again this Christmas season, I highly recommend watching it.

Oh, and I love the WordPress snowflakes falling through my post. We might get some of the real white stuff in good old Roxboro tonight.

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