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It’s not what you might be thinking. Some of you know my little secret. Well, now I’m making it known to potentially the whole world.

I slept in a closet.

I can’t sleep in my bed (no, I’m not mad at my husband) because of back pain. I had been sleeping on a recliner in my bedroom.

My sister took her aerobed on a beach trip one year and I laid on it and thought, I could sleep on this.   So, I purchased a twin-sized aerobed (the kind that sits up to the height of a regular bed) and put it in my closet. Hey, it fit with plenty of room for me to dress in too. And I can sleep with no back pain. It is wonderful.


This past week I’ve heard critters in my attic and the head of the bed is pushed up against the door that leads to that space. I don’t like critters. Especially mice critters.

So, this week, I moved my bed out of the closet and into the bedroom. There is plenty of room– I just had to move the recumbent bike into the closet. (I have too many pieces of exercise equipment that I don’t use. I guess I need to start using them).

Anyway, so now, I’ve come out of the closet.

Thought you might want to know, or maybe not.

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