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Brandilyn Collins is the Master of Suspense in Christian Fiction.

Her newest novel, Dark Pursuit, drew my attention because one of the main characters, Darell Brooke, is a best-selling author and well, in my dreams, I want to be a best-selling author. But first I’ve got to get a publisher to look at my work. That can be extremely frustrating.

As a best-selling author, Darell had no problem getting publishers to look at his work until the accident which left his cognitive abilities less than able to come up with the page-turning plots he was known for producing.

When his estranged granddaughter comes to him for help after she discovers a body in her apartment, Darell is hoping this real-life suspense will help him with the plot of his next book.

Brandilyn’s seat-belt suspense writing has done it again. Great book.


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