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Picture me at a podium behind a presidential-type seal proclaiming, “I am not a cook.”

I am not a cook. Well, I’m not.

It’s not that I can’t cook, but that I just don’t like doing it. I’m slow at it, I have to clean up afterward and  it gives me no time to do what I enjoy most–writing my wacky fiction pieces.(If you are a publisher/editor/movie producer, I would love to share my ideas with you).

This weekend I embarked on what I thought would be a life-changing event– once a month cooking.

You see, there are times I’m slightly embarrassed that I don’t cook especially when I cannot help  someone in need like when my branch manager’s wife was in the hospital for two weeks(for which she received no diagnosis) and others were preparing meals for him and his children.

So, I got out a cookbook I’ve had for a long time–Once a Month Cooking, did the shopping for ingredients with the notion of cooking all day on Saturday. And I did. And I was somewhat miserable (except for the many episodes of  The Doctors on my DVR that kept me company while I cooked). By two in the afternoon my feet were killing me, but I had all this meat that I didn’t want to spoil. (The premise of the book is to make the dishes ahead of time and freeze them until the night before you eat them).

By 7:00 pm I had not completed the cooking and I was exhausted (and it was Valentine’s Day and I wanted to feed my husband one of the dishes I cooked–which he liked, by the way). I decided I’d finish what I started on Sunday(the whole ox in the ditch concept–I didn’t want the meat to spoil), so I woke at 6:00 am and fixed two more dishes, then went to church and my parents’ house  for lunch. I’m so lucky to have two wonderful nieces who were more than willing to come home with me and help me cook. They did and were a big help. We made a few more dishes together and then I got out the hamburger meat to start the beef dishes. Unfortunately, when I pulled out the ground beef, it was all brown and truthfully made me sick to think of cooking it, so I threw it away (which my husband thought was wrong–but he wasn’t the one gagging over it).

Anyway, we’ve had two meals and both were delicious. This cookbook will definitely work for the person who works fast in the kitchen and is too busy during the week to make a made-from-scratch meal.

The dishes I cooked: Heavenly Chicken and Poulet de France — both very good and I will probably fix again–just not all day on a Saturday.


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