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Are you tired of being ordinary. Yeah? Me too.


John Bevere in his book Extraordinary says that “there is an innate desire in each of us to rise above commonness.” He added that the most popular movies of all time are not love stories, mysteries, thrillers, etc but instead have characters that have beyond-human abilities or powers. Why are we drawn to them? Because we were created to live extraordinary lives.

Bevere’s book looks into what gives us, as Christians, the ability to live extraordinary lives.

I usually read non-fiction books with a highlighter in hand and almost every page in this book has multiple passages marked.  And many of those passages are scripture. I could list quote after quote from this book that spoke to me.

I highly recommend reading to find out how grace and faith work together to make your life extraordinary.


Grace brings believers into relationship with God. But many Christians don’t understand that grace is also the power source for incredible joy, success, and peace in life. In Extraordinary, John Bevere presents a logical, compelling, and deeply inspiring case straight from Scripture for living a life far above “the ordinary.”

Author Bio:

John Bevere is an internationally popular conference speaker, teacher, and author of bestsellers, including The Bait of Satan, Drawing Near, and Driven by Eternity. His award-winning curriculum and books have been translated in over sixty languages and his weekly television program, The Messenger, is broadcast around the world. John and his wife, Lisa—also a bestselling author and speaker—reside with their family in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Visit his ministry website at

For more information or to purchase a copy visit Random House, Inc.

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