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Last Sunday was Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.

This week President Obama signed an Executive Order that would give our tax dollars to international organizations that perform abortions.

In the state of our economy, why would he give away our money for purposely killing babies?

Many people feel that the war has killed too many of our troops. And it has. But those men and women volunteered for the military. They understood the risk.

The unborn babies have no voice and no choice.

You know, when money is more important than life for some people, why didn’t Obama wait until our country had the money again to sign that unholy Executive order?

Could it be possible that the person that would find the cure for cancer was actually aborted by his or her mother because it would be too inconvenient to have a baby?

This is an old video, but I urge you to watch the whole thing.

First Lady Michelle Obama, does this appall you like it does me?You looked so classy at the inauguration. How can you let this happen?

The Fairy Tale is over.

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