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My father has this recurring dream that while standing he can bring his feet back(at the same time) against the back of his knees and fly through the air upright. So I guess he is more like a hover craft.

Sunday before last my family discussed the poor woman who found out years after the fact that her husband’s legs had to be cut off to fit him in his casket. Apparently, she had ordered the right size but the funeral home got it wrong.

My father isĀ  6’2″ tall and, well let’s just say he is frugal. Okay, Okay he’s cheap. So I told him that if the 5’5″ casket is cheaper than the 6’2″ casket, then we might just have to cut off his legs. We could bend them back just like in his dreams and we’ll play I’ll Fly Away at his funeral.

By the way, my Daddy will probably outlive me. He is extremely young at heart– he has the energy to play hide&seek and ball with his grandchildren.

Charles Billingsley is a vocal genius, is he not?

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