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I was born and bred in the South- the tarheel state.

In my area there are a lot of “new” people who don’t appreciate southern charm. But I’m here to tell you, I’m a southerner and proud of it.

I say ya’ll and howdy.

I like Southern Gospel music.

I am a Southern Baptist.

I LOVE fried chicken and sweet tea. (Please, no comments on how evident that fact is)

I was raised on a farm that grew the cash crop of North Carolina.

I’ve driven tractors.(Not much. My Daddy didn’t trust me)

There is deer meat in my freezer. (not from road kill, although that’s too easy to find around here these days)

I watched HeeHaw as a child. A former co-worker didn’t know who Roy Clark was. How un-cultured.

I love the humor of the Andy Griffith show. It should be mandatory for everyone moving into the state to watch all episodes as kind of a culture immersion.

Just because we put extra syllables in words, doesn’t mean we’re stupid. Country Hicks, maybe, but not stupid.

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