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Kathleen Fuller has written a delightful regency romance, my favorite choice for reading.


Since Michael Balcarris returned from university he no longer was the same man Emily Dymoke had been smitten with as a young girl. In fact, the change in him was quite ridiculous, so much so, Emily felt his very presence insufferable. No longer was he the young man who rescued her from a tree, but instead, a fop.

But Michael’s ridiculousness is all a clever disguise, thus the title of the book.

I enjoyed reading the book and couldn’t wait until Emily discovered Michael’s annoying behavior was nothing more than a ruse because of his profession.

I have just two criticisms of the book:

1-The prologue starts with Emily pursuing another man, Gavin. Maybe the prologue could have been from Michael’s Point of View as he watched Emily make a fool of herself with this man who does not feel for her. Had it been from Michael’s point of view, then I would not have assumed the main character was the man she was pursuing. Michael did not appear until page 12 which I suppose is not too far into the story, it just threw me just a little.  (So, who am I to criticize another writer? After all, I am unpublished and this author is published. She obviously is far more advanced than I am).

2-Avalon books are expensive. I wish they were cheaper because I would love to sign up for a subscription to a service much like the Harlequin system. But to their credit, the books are all hardbacks which is nice for the bookshelf. Check your library to see if they can order a copy.

Despite my confusion in the very beginning, I loved the book and I read it in one sitting.

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