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The tarheel state had snow this past week and because of the snow, my son’s school was canceled for two days.

Last night there was supposed to be a talent show in the school gym.

I had planned to go until my son called me at work(I’m so glad I have a job. I’m so glad I have a job) yesterday to tell me that it had been postponed due to indecent weather. Yes, he said indecent.

I think my son is brilliant and sometimes he says some profound things(like after the inaugaration he stated that brown is the new white) but this time he really said the wrong thing.  Which was kinda funny. And even funnier after I told my husband what he had said and he said it must have been raining panties and bras.

My son attends a private Christian school, so it is a good thing they closed school. We wouldn’t want the students going out in weather like that.

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