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Our family Christmas tradition:

The Christmas Gown

Our family tradition started in 1994 with a simple Christmas wish. Linda told her twin, Brenda, she wanted a new gown. To add an element of surprise to a “given”, Brenda wrapped her old red nylon gown that had seen better days. Its worn fabric was “see-through” in spots.

The following year, Brenda was surprised when she opened a gift to discover her raggedy gown returned to her. For several years the twins exchanged the gown between each other, but on Christmas Day, 1998 they shared the fun with other family members.

Each year the lucky recipient adds a personal note and determines who is blessed the next Christmas.

Aunt Doris said in her note, “I don’t expect you to wear this “treasure” but hope it will provide lots of laughs as you recall this Christmas.”

Cousin Pam wrote her own rendition of “’Twas the night before Christmas.” Here is an excerpt:

Wanda opened the box,

Carefully they say

It was a beautiful gown

That she hoped for on Christmas day.

There was one little problem

That caused her some dismay.

It looked like it had been worn,

A lot by the way.

Aunt Linda and my mama, Brenda

The Red Gown

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