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Dead body? What dead body?

I remember that line from a  The Wild Wild West episode with James West and Aretemus Gordon(not the Will Smith movie–anyone care to guess my age).  Right now, if you stepped into my house you would definitely think there was a dead body hidden somewhere within.

It turns out, our chest deep freeze has not been working. For how long we’re not sure.

We’ve removed all the rotten food, but the stench still remains. I have a strong gag reflex so my husband had to do all the work by himself. He’s a saint. Even though the freezer is in the basement, the smell permeates the whole house. I hope we don’t have visitors in the next day or so.

My husband threatened to use my car to haul off the trash bags. I told him he was out of his mind, considering he has a nice big truck bed.

I’m behind on my reading and plan to start posting my reviews in the next week.

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