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Click on this link to hear Jonathan Clements talk about the agent/author relationship:

Sigh. I’ve been across the table from this agent. He even helped me “complete” the title to the screenplay I’ve written: Poison Ivy Bride (back in 2006), a romantic comedy. Okay, so I had not written it at the time I pitched to him, so I came home and wrote it in a month. Unfortunately, he rejected it because it did not have enough twists.

Hopefully now I’ve learned how to add twists. In fact, my last completed novel has a lot of them. So, I got the twist factor down, now I need to learn how to add detail. Maybe in another few years I’ll get that right.

But each time I attend a conference I come away with something new–sometimes I come away with just a little more confidence that maybe I can do this and that spending a large amount of my at home waking hours writing is worth it.

The next year(at the same conference) I pitched the Bride story to Dr. Ted Baehr. HeĀ  told me that I made a good presentation. I went back to my room that evening and could not sleep. I tossed and turned until I had an epiphany about my story. I ate breakfast with Dr. Baehr and his wife the next morning and told him about what I concluded overnight, and strangely or divinely enough, he told me something (I’ll not share that here) that solidified the thoughts that had kept me awake–my story is an allegory of Christ and his bride the church.Why did it take me a whole year to figure that out about my story?

Anyway, one day I would love to see my Poison Ivy Bride on the big screen– maybe with a few more twists, but representing something of more spiritual value than I originally realized.

See Dr. Baehr discuss the movie starring Sandra Bullock. Click Here: ALL ABOUT STEVE. It’s worth watching the review.

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